Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running Streak!

Well I am officially back in Waco! Just got finished with today's class (YES! only 2 to go and I'll be done with mini-mester) A million little things got added to my to-do list today, in order to finish out this class strong. I have to finish up a bunch of my projects to turn them all in on Thursday! phew! I've got a busy night ahead of me...

So...besides my to-do list for class, I've added a "to-do" to my Summer To-Do List (which I've yet to post about yet):

join in on the Summer Running Streak

read about it here!

One of the fitness blogs I follow has consistently been posting and reposting about this "streak" and I last minute decided to do it today! So, yes, I technically started one day late but to make up for it I ran an extra mile today. Total I ran 3.54 miles...with occasional breathers. BOY WAS IT HOT TODAY! (upper 80's) Excuse all the sweatiness but here I am after today's run!

It felt awesome to get back outside and run again! When I run, it's usually every other day so that my muscles can recover so I'm a little nervous that this "streak" is EVERY day, but I think if I take it easy and not push myself too hard that it will be okay.

also, I don't have a twitter, so I won't be able to follow everyone else who is doing the streak, but I do have an instagram and I plan on documenting every mile with that and of course I'll tag it with #rwrunstreak. Find me on instagram and follow me! @amy_kate

Here's to accountability and staying in shape!


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