Thursday, May 24, 2012

iPhone life.

I just love my iphone camera! It's not the best camera obviously but nothing can beat it's convenience! Out of the 500 some odd photos I have on there....sheesh! Well according to the past couple picture I've taken, here's what's been going on in my life.

The past couple days have been filled with lots of "studying", aka. composing/arranging, 
knitting, and mason jars.

A peek at my strawberries and cream overnight oats! (One of my favorite summer breakfasts) My mom recently got rid of, i.e. gave me, a ton of mason jars she has had just sitting around in her garage. I gladly took them off her hands and have been using them for drinks and food! I'm sure a couple DIY's will appear over the next week or so!

I love summer lunches and big glasses of
ice water!!

A friend of mine asked me to make some baby booties for one of their friends who is having a baby girl soon :)

Baby Bootie #1 finished! This is the first baby bootie I've ever made. I think I'll add some pompoms to it to finish it off :)

and the arranging continues! I'll be sure to post a recording of the finished product once I'm done :)

Do you use your phone camera a lot?

What been going on in your world, according to the pictures you've taken lately?

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