Monday, May 14, 2012

Challenge Accepted

...and my summer begins!!! well...kind of. I finished out my semester strong and passed all my classes with flying colors :) Now it's time to start the Maymester. I'm taking an Intro to Music Software class for 3 weeks. It's Monday-Thursday for 3 hours. We had our first class today and I'm actually really looking forward to it! I consider myself pretty technology savvy, but I could definitely learn some more tricks ;) Our teacher is probably in his late 20's and is a super nerd...but it's in the best way possible. He's kind of a hipster nerd. It's cute.

I got home and needed to go for a run. I drove in to Waco this morning from my dad's so I didn't get a chance to go workout this morning so I decided to treat myself and I headed to Cameron Park for a run and a new challenge!

I usually just run around the trail that goes around campus but have been dying to find a trail that is run-able in the Park. I think I'm going to become a huge fan of this one. Points of it had lots of overhanging trees but when they cleared there was always a great view of the river :) Pretty rad running view if you ask me!

I also challenged myself to run up and down the Jacob's Ladder. It's a huge series of steps and not only did I run them once BUT I did them twice! Check them out:

It feels great to take on a challenge and complete it :) Here's to a challenging next 3 weeks. The class...probably won't be that challenging but I will challenge myself physically while I'm here for the next 3 weeks! :) For sure will be running more! I've missed it!


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