Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dinner Party!

Good news: I actually got up this morning to go run! The bestie and I had another great start to the day, and ran the Bear Trail (approx. 2.3 miles). We ran it in 22ish minutes (not our best, but not bad for a run I initially went into thinking it was going to be rough)! I never like getting up for a run, but I can never beat the amazing feeling I have right after I finish, let alone how great I feel the rest of the day! It's always worth it :)

Bad news: I'm still in the midst of all my finals. However I was super productive this morning and kicked some major Physics studying butt! I literally spent the rest of my morning and afternoon studying...

Despite all the studying nonsense, I had time for lunch and even got to enjoy it outside this afternoon. The weather has been exceptionally wonderful lately!

I had my piano jury today...we'll just say I got through it. Neh, it wasn't that bad, but I'm just hard on myself and a super perfectionist when it comes to performing piano for other people.

By the time I finished everything at the music school I came home with just enough time to cook for a couple friends! I have been planning all week to make one of my favorite dishes that my mom makes at home: Poppyseed Chicken Casserole! I wanted to share the goodness with friends, so that's just what I did. 

There's the final product! It was just what I needed to get me through these last couple days of studying nonstop! Comfort food at it's finest! It wasn't as good as when mama makes it, but what is??!

ps. Zane makes the best homemade sweet tea with lemon!! Note our extra large glasses ;)

Oh yeah...and this:

My main squeeze wasn't having such a great day, so I sent him this to try and cheer him up while he was at work!! 

So, I hope you've had a good one and if not, then I hope this at least makes you smile!!!

goodnight zzz

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