Saturday, September 10, 2011

not much of a weekend.

Well, school is definitely back in swing. This week has seriously been non-stop...and when I say non-stop I mean: getting home from classes, starting homework and not stopping homework except for dinner and practicing piano and voice rep....until usually 11 and then FINALLY bed. breaks, it's been exhausting. So you'd think I'm happy it's the weekend right? Well I am, don't get me wrong...but guess what I've been doing all day? yep, more homework: Spanish, writing/re-writing a dang English paper, singing, singing, singing, practicing, practicing, practicing. So, yes I'm feeling very productive and accomplished, but is it so much to ask for a little down time??

Another update: I have one AWESOME roommate :) Emily! She's been getting up with me every morning at 6 am to go to the gym with me before our classes start for the day. I made it one of my goals for the school year to go work out at least 3 days a week. Well, it's been 4+ since the first day of classes. We are keeping each other accountable and I am so thankful for what we are doing for each other! I've gotta keep my "temple" healthy :) [and so far it's paid off! one size smaller! I know right? SAWEET!]

Amid all the work and practicing I've been doing, here are some of the random happenings I manage to squeeze in to keep my sanity:

Late-night Katie's custard runs, for FREE cones :)

Trying out new recipes! (excuse the make-up-less face!)

and visit's from my baybuh! :) He definitely keeps me sane! I don't know what'd I'd do without him!

So yeah, there's a little peek into my life for now! Hope your's isn't as crazy as mine! Until next time, here are some videos of the songs I'm working on for this semester : enjoy!

3 for now, 3 later :)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

wally's secret.

DAY 11:
Janna & Solange
After some spontaneous shopping this afternoon after classes at a "secret" store, we made Walmart run! Yep, these are my friends and they are 5 [obviously not really] but they love lunchables! Especially Janna!!! :) Wanna know what's even better than lunchables? Kev is coming in town tomorrow and spending the weekend with me! Yippee for long weekends! We are gonna have a super chill night tomorrow night, probably go get dinner somewhere in the Wack and then come back to cheer on the BAYLOR BEARS!!!! we're going to beat those HORNY FROGS!!! Then Saturday morning we're gonna drive up to Dallas and spend the rest of the weekend with my dad, stepmom, and little stepsister....LOTS of activities planned...too many to name right now, but no worries I'll post about them soon :) oh, and did I mention I think I might be getting a new car this weekend??? :D I love my little "goldilocks", my altima, but let's face it, it's crapping out... haha ok ok I need to get some sleep. toodles and SIC 'EM BEARS!