Thursday, September 1, 2011

wally's secret.

DAY 11:
Janna & Solange
After some spontaneous shopping this afternoon after classes at a "secret" store, we made Walmart run! Yep, these are my friends and they are 5 [obviously not really] but they love lunchables! Especially Janna!!! :) Wanna know what's even better than lunchables? Kev is coming in town tomorrow and spending the weekend with me! Yippee for long weekends! We are gonna have a super chill night tomorrow night, probably go get dinner somewhere in the Wack and then come back to cheer on the BAYLOR BEARS!!!! we're going to beat those HORNY FROGS!!! Then Saturday morning we're gonna drive up to Dallas and spend the rest of the weekend with my dad, stepmom, and little stepsister....LOTS of activities planned...too many to name right now, but no worries I'll post about them soon :) oh, and did I mention I think I might be getting a new car this weekend??? :D I love my little "goldilocks", my altima, but let's face it, it's crapping out... haha ok ok I need to get some sleep. toodles and SIC 'EM BEARS!


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