Sunday, July 1, 2012

Intermediate Session

Week two of camp went great! This session was bigger than our first so we were a little anxious going into the week. I have no idea why though, because everything went great. The age group was quite a large range. It consisted of 3rd through 8th graders. Camp is essentially run like two sessions at a time, that way the older kids would stay entertained and the younger kids could go to bed at a decent hour.

Not having a cabin full of campers is a totally different ball game. I'm used to having kids with me and being responsible for the campers 24/7 because I've always been a counselor. This year I'm a part of the program staff. We run the activities and don't sleep in a cabin full of campers every night. The first night I was in charge of making burgers with Cooper out in the Outback, the wilderness area. You should have seen us! We were grillin' machines.

We had a bunch of burgers left over at the end of
the cookout, so we gave them to Gideon, the camp dog.
I think he enjoyed them just as much
as we did because he ate every single one!
The rest of the week consisted of activities such as The Hunger Games and Cabin Olympics.

the kids go all out in Arts n Crafts in
preparation for the hunger games!

Hunger Games fierce
The staff team was Texas in the Cabin Olympics, because clearly Texas is big enough to be a country! haha So naturally I sported my Texas Flag one piece while I guarded at the pool for the day!

Guarding has been a lot of fun! The kids love coming to swim and I love watching the joy they get out of cooling off from the hot sun!

Another plus of being on program staff is that I get to live with this awesome person: meet Bettis Morelock. She's the arts n crafts director for the summer!

The sessions have been going smoothly and the campers are having a blast. We are praising God and lifting up Christ and are having a blast doing it! I don't think I could ask for much else.

This next week is a short one (Wed-Sat). This session is called Pee-Wees and Parents. Parents come with their children who are too young to come to camp by themselves for a couple of days.

I've had such a nice weekend off! I don't head back to camp until Wednesday so I've got some more R & R time!

Hope you've had a good weekend and happy July!


ps. I feel like I owe y'all an explanation for the lack of posts lately! Camp's internet has been kind of finicky lately and it's difficult to get a good enough signal to do frequent posts like I would have liked to do. I'll try to make more time for posts this week, but if not, then recaps will for sure happen at the end of the week.