Monday, May 7, 2012


Today marks the end of my sophomore year of college!! WHAT?! I'm really halfway done? It only seems like yesterday that I was driving my little Nissan Altima down I-35 packed literally to the ceiling to move into my dorm room. Now I'm in my own apartment with the 3 best roommates anyone could ask for!!

I had my last final this morning, and it was definitely my hardest! I studied as hard as I could for I'm hoping for good results :)

We had our first meeting with A Cappella today and we got all of our repertoire for the fall!! It's so incredible...I'm seriously so blessed to be a part of this choir this coming year! It's going to be a ton of work and I can't wait to work my butt off for it!

The rest of the day's happenings you ask?

I bought these awesome new hair ties!! Two sisters who go to Baylor started this company and sell these lovely little ties. No creases, super cute colors, good price, great cause...what more do I need to say? Go check them out!

Solange and Emily and I made homemade ice cream sandwiches to celebrate a successful year :)

Homemade chocolate chip cookies a la Solange + Blue Bell + friends= one happy Amy!

and then we painted our's how we always end our girls nights :)

Oh yeah...and I also made a major impulse buy...I'll be sharing that tomorrow!! Ha, get ready for it! :)

-night! Amy

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