Wednesday, May 4, 2011

...and counting.

Well it's official: I'm finally done with Christian Heritage for the semester ever! Phew! Had that final this morning at 9 am, and 120 multiple-choice, true/false, and matching questions later I am feeling pretty satisfied about how it went. What a huge weight off of my shoulders. That class was definitely my most stressful  for the semester and after it all (despite a few grey hairs, haha just kidding!!!) I can satisfyingly say that I have learned A WHOLE LOT about my faith and where it came from and how it formed to what it is today! So, thanks Dr. Moseman for an enriching, enlightening, and motivating semester!

Wanna sneek peek into my all-day study session yesterday in preparation for that final? [well, it was more like a 3 week long process of studying but here are some pics from yesterday ;)]

This is about half of the actual stack of notecards with all the information I had to know
...sorry trees. Waaaaaaaayy too many notecards for anyone's good, if you ask me :-/
One LARGE bag of animal crackers to sustain me...and hoping for an A!
 a little humor goes a LONG
way...especially in a never-
ending study session. hehe

<---front. back. --->

After that final finished, I had the middle of the day to rest and collect my thoughts and energy for my Voice Jury at 2! For all you non-vocal majors out there: Juries are a music major's final for their area of concentration. I had to have 6 songs ready and would sing 2. To make it even a little more nerve-racking than normal, this jury was also a Level, which is basically a barrier to cross to move up to the next level of vocal lessons and ALL the voice faculty listens and judges you singing rather than just 2 or 3 like a normal jury. Soooooo **drum roll** I began with a piece that was Italian, Il fervido desiderio, by Vincenzo Bellini, and then they picked my english song **sigh of suprised relief**, The Summer Wind by Amy Beach (sorry I couldn't find a recording of this on YouTube for your enjoyment, but there is however a lovely version on iTunes with Patrick Mason singing if you care to check it out), and both went exremely well!!! :D Oh and I got to wear my new dress that I bought the other weekend with maw-meh (did I mention it is coral colored??!). I'll try to add a pic later :)

Countdown to Summer:
  1. finish my Intro to Music Ed paper
  2. Piano IV Jury tomorrow morning
  3. Musicianship Hearing Final tomorrow
  4. French Diction Final tomorrow
  5. Theory Final on Saturday Morning
  6. say my goodbyes :(
  7. and...then pack up my dorm and GO HOME!!
Can't belive I'm almost to the end! Deep breath!
Blessings and SIC 'EM,

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