Friday, May 13, 2011


So I've have just been knitting like crazy since I got home!! It's been so nice to have all this free time, amidst the unpacking. I got a large order for Amy's Purls: knits right at the end of the school year...and by large order, I mean 4 winter headbands! Weee :) Not to mention they were for one of my girlfriends from high school who is graduating in June and headed to NY to be a theater star, which made them even more fun to make!! No kidding, this girl is major talented! Love you Chan, and I'm so proud of you! Anyways: wanna peek at what I've been knittin' on?

two bow and two rosette winter headbands!
in: olive, black shimmer, mustard, and white.

Hope you love the heck out of 'em Chan!
**sorry for the blurriness...I've had to use my phone
camera lately, because I've misplaced the charger for
 my real camera. BUT I finally got a new one today,
so yay for better pics :)

Check out my page, "like" it, and order away! :D
post about Amy's Purls: knits....comin' up!


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