Saturday, May 7, 2011

home sweet home.

Well, it's official. I'm no longer a freshman in college! I've finished out the year strong, and know the results of most of my finals and am really pleased. Took my last one this morning, and was outta Waco. <---well, it was more of a process than just leaving:

My amazing boyfriend, Kevin, came in early this mornin' and helped me gather the last of my things off the walls and clean up before my mom and brother would arrive to pack up our cars! We got to have breakfast downstairs together, which was SOOO nice. I don't get to eat breakfast with my baybuh very much! I had my last Collins' chocolate chip and pecan pancakes! Oh my lord, so delicious. I wish I'd have taken a picture so I could share...that's definitely something I'm going to miss: going downstairs in the morning and just picking what I want for breakfast. omelette? eggs to order and bacon? blueberry/chocolate-chip/pecan pancakes? cereal? bagels? fruit? hand-rolled breakfast burrito? yeah...super spoiled. I LOVE BREAKFAST! I could easily say it's my favorite meal of the day! mmmmmm

so anyways, enough of my food ranting haha sorry! After breakfast, mom and Lee arrived and we loaded about half of the room up into her car, yeah only half. oops, hey a girl needs her essentials right? Then we all headed to CG for one last Cowboy coffee! I've got my brother hooked (sic 'em). I enjoyed a delicious peach smoothie and then walked to my last final, Music Theory! While I was takin' it, mom and Lee and Kev packed up the rest into my car, and shamefully overflowed into Kevin's too. I was one thankful girl today! He had to make an unexpected, but very appreciated extra trip to Dallas, because everything wouldn't fit! Thanks babe! He's just absolutely the best! Blog about him will come soon, I promise. Cuz he's definitely worth sharing with the rest of the world! ;)
Yep, that's the empty 253. All emptied out!
Real depressing looking, if you ask me!

And now after a rediculously long day, tons of packing and loading, test-taking, and bittersweetness, I'm home sweet home!

I'm definitely going to miss BU, and the (254) over the summer, but I am soooo ready for a much needed break, and for some major catch up time with friends!


This was my side, at the beginning of the year
when I first moved in! Super cute huh?!

good night bloggies and sic 'em,

My wonderful mom, and brother at lunch today!
Can you say, tired-looking?

almost forgot...what's your fav meal?

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