Thursday, May 26, 2011


Okay so I think I'm going to do a couple 'randoms' about myself for a lil stayed tuned and enjoy numero uno!

Random #1.

I'm an icecream kind of girl. I owe this one to my 'grandaddy' and my dad :) It definitely runs in the Lanford genes. Ice Cream can cure anything....ok ok I know that is extremely unrealistic, but if only for a lil while ice cream makes you smile :) I can seriously eat ice cream ANY time. I could have just stuffed my tummy with a HUGE thanksgiving dinner, and you could offer me ice cream and I'm SO down! Nothing to do? Let's go get ice cream! Want a snack? Ice Cream! Forget meeting an old friend for coffee...let's go for ice cream! Birthday? forget the cake! Ice Cream! Oh! and that's the other thing...I enjoy the trip more than anything. I don't usually have ice cream at home in the freezer. I like to go out for it. Braum's, froyo, you name it! I'm ready. ok I think you get the point ;)
It's a beautiful day! Go celebrate, and treat yourself to some ice cream! :)


what's your fav treat?

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