Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Holy cow, it feels GREAT to be home!! I think I've almost caught up on my sleep! I woke up to an empty house, to peace and quiet...kinda lonely but it was nice to sleep with no worries on my mind. Woke up before 10 though, cuz I knew I had a lot to do today. My car was still packed up to the brim with clothes, suitcases, and boxes of things from school. Now, after a long day, it's only half-way packed to the brim with clothes, suitcases, etc. So that's my job for tomorrow, to finish unpacking "goldie-locks". <---my car's name ;)
I love waking up slowly: moseying around, watching some news (maybe hehe), drinking coffee, and eating breakfast until I'm ready to get outta my comfy PJs and get ready for the day. I did just that and then got to unpacking my car.
After that, I actually WANTED TO GO WORKOUT...wait what? yeah...I WANTED TO GO WORKOUT. strange....    really strange.... but hey! I knew I had to go since that was the case! Had one awesome workout too :D The gym was pretty empty, around noon, so I did a little extra weights today, seeing as how most of the machines were free.

So...slow morning with coffee, half an unpacked car, and an AWESOME workout! Sounds like one productive day to me! Well, to make it even better: mom asked me to join her and her bestest friend, Jamie, at their weekly yoga class. SWEET, I'm so in! Met mom and Jamie and had a rockin' yoga class too!

Isn't the studio super cool looking??


 Oh and props to my Aunt Nan, for knitting these awesome yoga socks for my mom to wear!

After lots of  "oommmms", giggles, and groans, now I'm enjoying another relaxing evening at home with mom and Lee. Besides missin' my Kev a WHOLE LOT, I'm one happy girl!


do you yoga? if so, where?
what time of day do you like to go workout?

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  1. those are some epic yoga socks. I might take up yoga just so I have an excuse to get a pair!