Saturday, May 21, 2011

bran-nanner pancakes!

Good Morning Everyone! It's not very often you get me up before 9am on a Saturday that I have nothing planned, and especially during the summer!!! But today was special because last night I bought lots of new ingredients and was seriously excited to hop outta bed to get to makin'...
Bran-nanner Pancakes!
All the credit for this recipe goes to Lee Hersh, of Fit Foodie Finds! Thanks Lee! Of course I had to add my own spin to it though, so here it is:

Brancake time!
 the dry ingredients- 
 everything all mixed together! brancake batter, minus the fresh blueberries.
 skillet pourin'. Go Mama, Go!
 don't those berries look so good!!?
 finished product: topped with fresh sliced nanner, a sprinkle of
chia seeds, and warm syrup drizzled over top!
Ta-da! Breakfast for two!

And oh my gosh were they delicious!!! So grainy and absolutely scrumptious! The recipe made 5 medium sized pancakes, or 4 large ones! Mom and I used fresh blueberries instead of frozen ones and they were so juicy! Thanks Lee for the awesome recipe, and for inspiring me to eat healthier! For real!

Now, off to the gym to get in my daily workout and then to the store with mom to go buy some summer reads, and lay out by the pool! It's Summah time!

later y'all,

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