Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well I don't think I've ever been so excited to bake anything in my life! I saw these cookies in a recipe about a  week ago and really really really wanted to try them out so here's my adventure. Enjoy:

Happy Sunday right? Lots of free time? let's bake! that's what I thought! Kev's (the boyfriend's) grandma has the most delicious family recipe for chocolate-chip cookies so we used that and added a twist to make...get ready for it...OREO STUFFED COOKIES. (Thanks for the great idea Fit Foodie Finds! P.S. If you haven't checked out Lee, she's awesome!) We also decided to add our own twist and use Reeses and peppermint patties along with the Oreos!

First we laid out what our surprise centers would be --
 Then you plop down your pre-made cookie dough and smoosh your center surprise right on top of your scoops!
 ACTION SHOT! then plop another scoop of dough on top and smother the suckers until they are all covered!
 Mmm doesn't this guy look delish!?
Then throw them in the oven at temp around 345 degrees
 "Holy Cow! They are ginormous!!!!"
 After about 10 minutes watch the edges and when they start becoming brown, they're ready to be taken out and cooled! Almost eatin' time!
Cool on a cooling rack...hehe look at that not so lil' guy peekin' out! Seriously guys, these were the size of my hand!
 Then, ENJOY! with lots of milk of course! Kev said it best: "Milk's favorite cookie mixed with grandma's recipe. What a great combination!!!"
And boy were they delicious! 

Later blogsters, I'm going to NOM down, as the bestie would say ;) [Miss you Solange!]


do you have any fun recipes like this one?
What do you like to bake?

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