Friday, May 13, 2011

Amy's Purls: knits

So I've mentioned my lil' company a couple times in my blog, and just wanted to share a little bit more about it with y'all!

So, if you can't already tell, I really enjoy knitting! My friends think I'm a total grandma, but in a good way of course ;) I began knitting lil' bow headbands for myself (like below) and started wearing them to school! A lot of my friends really liked them and several people told me to start selling them! At the time, I needed extra money to pay for my cell phone bill...So I took the idea and ran with it. At first it was just kind of a word-of-mouth thing: "wear and tell" type deal. I made them available in pretty much any color someone asked for and they were a huge hit!
'bow headband'

Then I decided to start a group on Facebook. It'd be a much easier way to keep track of orders. I came up with another product and BAM, people just kept ordering :)
'Winter Headband'
(can either be ordered with rosettes or a bow)
At the end of senior year, I added hair clips!
'vintage hairclips'
Then, I moved away from home and went to college in good 'ole Waco. [SIC 'Em BEARS!] The group was becoming a little didn't do quite as much as I wanted and not everyone was able to join it, so I started a 'page' at the beginning of my freshman year! Within a week the page gained 100+ likes!!!! Woah! I was so excited! Since then, I've added lots more to the shop and have been toying with the idea of actually making an online store on an ACTUAL website... hmmm thoughts?
other products:

'i heart bows headband'
my new obsession!
'Rose hairclip'

'The Melanie Bow'

'The Sailor Headband'

Everything in the shop is made to order, except the 'vintage hairclips' which are pre-made. I ship to you, if you aren't close by, with a little extra cost. Headbands and hairclips make GREAT birthday, graduation, and babyshower gifts! To browse some more and check out the other items in the shop, go HERE! Spread the word and enjoy!

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