Friday, May 20, 2011

becoming a foodie.

Okay, so I think I can officially say that I'm becoming a foodie! and a healthy foodie at that! Wanna know why I think so?

The Evidence:

Numero Uno- Excited for a strange reason.
CHIA SEEDS!! It's weird how excited I was when I bought not normal how excited I was. Seriously, mom gave me the strangest look when we got back to the car and I was so giddy because of stinkin' SEEDS! haha but I've been dying to cook with these lil' suckers!! Unfortunately as you can see, they aren't cheap, so they'll be treats every now and then. First recipe...TOMORROW mornin'. Mom and I are gonna make chia/bran pancakes for breakfast :) I'll be taking lots of pics don't you worry!!

Numero Dos- Buying things in bulk. Yep. Whole Wheat Flour. Chia Seeds. and Oat Bran. all in bulk. Why do I feel so cool? yep...I'm becoming a foodie.
WHY? you ask. Well I think it's just the simple fact that I'm home from college, finally have access to a kitchen (yeah I had one in the dorm...but it's just not the same), and I'm getting really really really excited to be "on my own" in an apartment (with 3 other AWESOME girls as well) and getting to cook for myself! I've gotta try some new things and especially need to figure out things that work and that are FUN to make!

Okay so admit it-you're excited now too, to see my breakfast creation in the morning. It's okay. :)

till then,

what do you LOVE to cook?


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