Thursday, May 19, 2011

up early.

Got up early early early today! Took mom to work this morning around 7 am. and arrived back home to a parking ticket on my windshield...what the heck?? Yep, can get a parking ticket for facing the wrong way in front of your own house. The worst part about it too is that it was last night at approximately 9:07 pm. when I was right inside...GEEZ!!! So $45 dollars later...I'm headed to the gym to blow off my frustration! Decided to try a new Sammy recipe for lunch when I got back home! Wanna see?
whole wheat bread, toasted
slices of fresh apple
turkey and cheese
and a dollop of dijon mustard and honey mixed together!

It was super delish!! Thanks Jillian Michaels app for the new idea!

Hope you're enjoyin' your day, and that the weather, where ever you are, isn't so overcast and grey out :-/ yuck!


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