Saturday, April 30, 2011

coffee good. morning bad.

Well, I've had a pretty decent morning considering that it's a Saturday and I got out of bed before 9 am. I love sleeping in, especially on Saturdays when I have nothing planned. I love not setting an alarm and just waking up when I wake up. no rush. It's a guilty pleasure for sure, but that wasn't the case this morning. I had a make-up voice lesson at 11 with Dr. J and needed to finish memorizing my last piece for juries and warm-up the trusty chords before I went and sang for him! Success: last piece memorized, had one bangin' last voice lesson of the semester, went out to lunch with the Solange ...and I know as you can see, I'm once again sittin' in CG studying away! Christian Heritage is my first final on Wednesday morning at 9am! woop! sic 'em! So here's to a productive Saturday!

Later bloggies :)

I painted my nails last night (pics below) and I'm obsessed obsessed obsessed with the color!!! {she love's it too}

 don't know what I'd do without all my amazing friends!! I'm really going to miss them during the summer!!


  1. Amy. I know we all appreciate you today, but less blogging, more HERITAGEEEE!!!


  2. minor study break...OKAY!!? :P