Friday, April 22, 2011

What a GOOD Friday!

So here I am again sittin' in my fav lil' coffee shop studying away! It's nice though, I have the day off of school because of Good Friday and and and !!!! I also have Monday off! :D This makes for a very happy Amy! HELLO 4 DAY WEEKEND. I, unlike most of my Baylor friends, am not going home. I chose to stay in town so I could sing with my church choir here in Waco for all the Holy Week services, and to take advantage of a quiet campus so I could study! My mom is coming in tomorrow afternoon :) My mom and I are super close and love spending time together. That's something I really miss. She'll be here around noon tomorrow. We have plans to bake her delicious breakfast casserole for Easter brunch at church mmmmm I can't wait! After that's done, maybe we'll go for a walk in Cameron Park. Excited to see my "maw-meh", as I call her, but finals and juries are in ONE week! Happy thoughts and prayers from everyone would be much appreciated. I can't believe my freshman year is almost over! WOW! ah, so back to my studying I go.

Here's some classical music for your enjoyment. I've been on a kick lately. The Baylor A Cappella Choir sang this last week at the Annual President's Concert, and they were amazing! I've been listening to Carmena Burana since then.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?
Do you have a fav coffee shop?


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