Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I kind of have awesome news!!! So I'm finishing my sophomore year soon and had my last day of classes yesterday! I spent most of my afternoon by the pool, destressing before the last push comes to get ready for all my finals and my juries within the next week!! OK, OK, OK...I'm dying to tell you the awesome news!!

So, last week were choir auditions for next year. I've been dying, since my freshman year, to be in A Cappella. It is the most elite choir ensemble at Baylor. Dr. Raines, the director, is so passionate about what he does and is one amazing director. His choirs are top of the line! ......SO YEAH, I MADE A CAPPELLA CHOIR!! All of the results lists went up today and my name was on it!! :D

I can't tell you how excited I am!

College, especially being in the music school, has been such a humbling experience. I came from a high school where I was very successful in choir, almost all the time. I was by no means the best, but was always super confident in what I did and in all the competitions or auditions I took part in. I came to Baylor and wasn't immediately put in one of the best choirs, in fact I was put in the lowest female choir there is, Women's Choir. This was my first humble-strike! I sang with them my whole year and was very fortunate to have Dr. Lynne Gackle as my director, who immediately recognized my talent and drive, and for that foundation of a relationship with her, I am so very grateful! We had auditions again at the end of my freshman year. Results were kind of disappointing because I still didn't make A Cappella Choir, but I still moved up. I sang with Concert Choir and Bella Voce this school year. Both of these choirs are directed by Dr. Gackle as well, so I got to continue to sing under her :) I was also asked to sing in another ensemble this year, Chamber Singers, which is directed by the same director that directs A Cappella, Dr. Raines. I knew 3 ensembles would be very tough and tiring on my voice but I knew I could take care of myself and prove my dedication and drive to all of my directors. I hope I lived up to that.

I can honestly say that I am so very thankful that I have been in all of these ensembles, which I know wouldn't have been possible if I had immediately made A Cappella my freshman year. I know that the Lord provided for me and that he has lead me through my journey this way for a reason and I can't thank Him more for that. I am so ready to start a new journey this year, but am so thankful that Dr. Gackle chose me to sing in Bella Voce again this year! We have such an amazing choral faculty here at Baylor and I am so stinkin' ecstatic to have the privilege to work under both of them next year!


What's been your most humbling life experience?

Have you ever lost confidence in something you used to be confident in yourself with all the time?

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