Saturday, April 7, 2012


Confession 1: Okay, so I've been totally MIA the past 5 months...yeah I said 5 months...that's almost half of a whole year...WOW so sorry for that!

Confession 2: I've had many many good reasons why. Don't worry, I'm about to share them all!

Since the last time we talked...

I've attended crazy voice studio Christmas parties (yes, that's my voice teacher, Dr. Gordon! Isn't he the cutest?)

 I've been supporting our AWESOME basketball teams! Did I mention our lady bears are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 40-0?!! nbd. I know. sic. em.

 Exploring Texas and all the yarn stores it has to offer! This one is in Boerne, Tx. That's me with my grandpa and my aunt. (she's a fellow knitter!)

 Having adventurous nights in San Antonio with the boyfriend, during TMEA. (@ Dicks Restaurant)

Going out on "friend" dates for Valentines Day, since my man was far away and Vday was on a school night :( But let me just say, I have the best friends in the whole world...and this might have been the best Valentine's Dinner I've ever had....but don't tell Kev!!

Performing in this HUGE university wide performance called SING!

Skiing down a mountain with an elevation of 12,000 feet! This was in Winter Park, CO over Spring Break with the roomies, Jamie and Janna. That's our other Baylor friend, Daniel. He's pretty awesome too ;)

Oh yeah, and then the bestie and I ran this thing called the Bearathon! :)

And I've done a lot of knitting:

Okay so no more excuses :) Regular blogging will happen more often. Pinkie promise.


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