Saturday, August 20, 2011

new place!

So I've successfully moved in! All my roomies are here and I'm getting so excited for this year! I love love love our place! My room is still in the process of being set up...waiting to get a bed to decorate (happening today)! My bathroom is totally finished and it is super cute! Hues of blue and purple make it super relaxing and it's super girly :) I love it!

Mom and the brobee are coming in town today!!

[Mom and the brobee]
 They should be here any minute! Mom's bringing some extra things I left at home when I moved and I'm going to show them around. They haven't seen the 1504 (this is what I'll be referring to the new apartment as from now on) yet and then we're gonna run around Waco for the afternoon. Then, dad and Amy are headed down to help me shop for a bed. We're going to drive down to round rock and hopefully have some luck! I'm so ready to get my room set up...right now it's all chaotic. pics to come of course!

I've got a busy busy day ahead!


p.s. The Waco farmer's market consists of one farmer and one tent....just in case you were wondering. dissappointed :(

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