Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to the 254.

Well I'm all packed up...the movers come tomorrow morning and then I'm back on the road to head back to school! I'm super excited to move into the duplex I'm living in this year. Wanna see who I'm living with?? 
Janna (on the left) that's me on the right!



and Jamie

Aren't they all super gorgeous! Both Janna and Emily are music majors like me and I've actually never met Jamie! She's from California. She attended Baylor last fall and is friends with Emily and is coming back to Baylor this year! I'm soooo excited to meet her!

...and so I'm headed out in the A.M. Kev is coming to help me move in and unpack. Isn't he just the best? [love you babe!] I promise to take lots of pics tomorrow of the move and once everything is finally unpacked! 'till then, Sic 'em!


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