Monday, August 22, 2011

new beginning.

Sophomore year has finally begun! I'm all moved in and classes started today! :) I can already tell it's going to be a great semester! So do you guys know those 365 day challenges? You know, the ones where you take a picture for every day of the year? Well, I decided to modify that idea a little bit and instead of taking a picture for the WHOLE year, I'm going to do it for every day of my sophomore year (during school). So...wanna see picture 1?

DAY 1:
(from left to right, Janna, me!, Emily)
So, turns out that Janna and Emily and I all have 9:05 first classes on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays, so we get to ride our bikes together from the 1504 to campus! :) I have been planning to ride to school but didn't know I'd get to ride with anyone else, and it was so fun this morning! Yippee.

The Low-down: So first day back you ask? Yep, went great! Woke up WAY before my first class and headed to the SLC (pronounced "slick") to get my work-out on with Emily :) and then came home and ate a yummy breakfast and headed off to class on the bike! ZOOM! I already have homework, not surprised, but I've gotta go get that done!

-sic 'em

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