Monday, August 29, 2011

la la la la la.

DAY 8:
snapshot from Lauridsen LUX AETERNA
 that we are singing in Chamber Singers
~edited by instagram~
I did a butt load of singing today! Between Concert Choir, Bella Voce, and voice lesson rep, my chords were hot today! I also had my first piano lesson of the semester! I'm super excited for this semester of piano, because it's an elective. (meaning, I'm not required to take it, but I want to) So, I have a little lee-way with what I'll be playing. Of course I'll be playing rep but I get to pick what else we work on :) and I may or may NOT have a jury at the end of the semester, depending on how my lessons go during the semester! Now that is awesome! Happy practicing to me!

Hope everyone's Monday was wonderful! Goodnight.


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