Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time to Get Physical

Today was so awesome!

I started off my day with a 2 mile run. The road that leads to the camp gate from the highway is approximately 1 mile in length. Running from the gate, to the highway and back totals it to 2 miles. I remember last summer when I tried to run...I couldn't even make it to the highway without stopping for a breather. I went into this morning's run feeling pretty confidant I was going to make it to the highway with no problem. Guess what? I was right. Not only did I make it to the highway, but I ran all the way back too! I was so proud of myself! Hard work does pay off and it's so rewarding! I'm super excited to have my morning runs this summer. The air is still a little chilly from the night and the sun rises just perfectly as I round the last corner before I make my way back to the gate. It's going to be a great start to my days, to clear my head, to pray, and to just be in the Lord's presence by myself. Here are some of the views from my run:

Cameras never do sunrises or sunsets justice, but I promise you this one was a beauty! 


The rest of the day consisted of lots and lots of manual labor. Today was definitely the physical part of our staff training! We worked all day long cleaning up camp and bettering it so that when all the campers get here it will be in tip-top shape! I am so impressed with everything we got done! We started out with a huge long list of big things to do, such as knock out all the existing cabinets in the arts and crafts pavilion and begin to rebuild new counters and shelves.

Check out Dylan demolishing those shelves!
I went around to all the cabins today and cleaned them out and made sure they were ready to go, first aid kits and all. James and Courtney and I went and cleaned the outdoor chapel. The outdoor chapel is The Chapel of Transfiguration, also known as Transfig. We raked and dug up all the weedy roots that had grown over the year in between all the pews and isles. 

James and Courtney raking away

all cleared away! 
Isn't it beautiful? I love this chapel more than any place in the world.

I painted today as well. Camp has a big welcome sign that greets you as you drive into camp. Every year it gets repainted with the theme for the summer. I began painting over last year's sign today. 

This is last year's sign

Painting over it :/

I think I have probably 2 more coats of white to totally cover up the design that you can kind of still see peeking through and then I'll be good to go to paint this year's theme :)

These were just a couple of the projects that got done today. Staff was in major beast mode! We rocked.

Today was physically draining but so rewarding! I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with hard work. Staff is already doing such an amazing job!

[I will post today's bible verses tomorrow...the net is being super slow tonight] promise.

This tired girl is going to bed. Hello pillow! goodnight all.


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