Wednesday, June 6, 2012

T-minus 2 days!

Only 2 days until I head off to camp for the summer! Crucis is literally heaven on earth for me! I can't tell you how excited I am for this summer! I just love everyone that is on staff and I know we are going to make a GREAT team working together this summer!

This next week is our staff work week. We spend the whole week cleaning and sprucing up camp and getting it ready for the summer. CPR and lifeguard training also takes place during the week. We also take the chance to use the time we have with each other to bond as a staff before all the campers arrive.

I'm so excited to be the head lifeguard this year! I'm responsible for keeping the pool clean all summer and organizing the lifeguard rotations for each camp session. I also get to come up with lots of fun games to play with all the campers that come to swim each day (P.S. IF YOU KNOW OF ANY AWESOME POOL GAMES, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!)

 Here's the awesome girls' staff for the summer. (from left to right; Megan, Courtney, Me, and Bettis) Paula, the girls leader isn't pictured. Megan and Courtney are our staff cabin counselors for the summer, I'm head lifeguard, and Bettis is running Arts and Crafts! This was in April at our staff retreat. The boys staff are off somewhere playing football. I'll show pics of them soon! :)

Have an awesome Wednesday y'all!


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