Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Texas Style Wedding

I just got back from the most wonderful weekend! I spent Friday-Monday near and around Austin Tx preparing, playing, singing, and attending a good friend's wedding! Sarabeth and I grew up as childhood friends and now she has found the man of her dreams and they are happily married! I couldn't be more happy for her! Her wedding was a "destination wedding", seeing as how most of her family lives in Florida and she went to school in Pennsylvania. I was so proud of the gorgeous vision she came up with for her special day!


rehearsal at the wedding sight, The Duchman Family Winery and Vineyards

after the rehearsal we all headed off to the rehearsal dinner, held at the "Wildflower Barn", just a couple miles up the road from the wedding sight

The rehearsal dinner was barbecue, catered from Salt Lick, and was held outside. The tables were decorated with picnic table cloths and mason jars full of Texas wildflowers. Everyone donned their favorite pair of boots as we enjoyed the evening air, drank beer, and celebrated the soon to be married couple!

I loved all the lights hanging from the trees,
especially as the sun started to go down!

The morning time was free until 2 so mom and I decided to go get our toes done for the wedding and Kev is such an awesome sport, that he joined us as we got our pedicures and kept us company! We also ran a couple errands for the bride's family to help them out a little! We got to go pick up some of the gorgeous flowers for the ceremony. Then, the rest of the day we spent tubing down the river in San Marcos with the whole wedding party! Sarabeth and Kevin even wore a cheap-o wedding dress and a tux vest with their swimsuits (from Goodwill) as they floated down the river :) 

Kev, mom and I grabbed lunch at the Railyard in San Marcos before we
met up with everyone to go tubing!

after getting off the river!
I'll have more pics from tubing later. Taking my good camera or phone on the river would not have been a good idea, but we did take 2 disposable water proof cams and I'm taking them to get developed today! Can't wait to see how they turned out! It's been forever since I've used a disposable camera! ha!

After getting off the river, we all headed back to the hotel to clean up and go eat dinner in Austin.

in Guero's outdoor garden bar

we had a little fun in Uncommon Objects on Congress
Ave. as we waited for our table to be called
 Getting a table took longer than we thought so we walked down to Congress St. bridge to watch the bats fly out from under it to kill time. We didn't have any luck though. The bats never came :(

waiting on the bridge

me and my handsome man before the ceremony

such a genious idea for an outdoor wedding! the program
was a fan!

I was so honored to be asked to sing during the ceremony.
I sang a song that the groom rewrote the lyrics to
and also the Lord's Prayer.

first dance
I couldn't be more excited for you Sarabeth! Thanks for letting me be a part of such a big day :) I wish you both the happiest :)


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