Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a yummy end to my Tuesday

So I really dislike Tuesdays...mainly because they are long and I usually have a million things to do. I decided to start giving myself something to look forward to at the end of my Tuesdays to help me get through the day, and today my motivation was dinner haha....lame I know. ACTUALLY, NO NOT LAME! I came across a recipe for Zucchini Fries on this loverly blog the other day and have been dying to try them out! So that's just what I did. They were super easy to make and turned out DELICIOUS! Enjoy some pics from my adventure:

"battered" up, before baked

my yummy spicy black bean cheddar burger

all finished

End product! :) They were sooooo delicious,
 and ignore the bites out of the burger, hehe
You should definitely try these! I made the "fries" with 2 zucchini but only ate 1...so if you make them for just one person, only use one zucchini at a time, and half the recipe for the "batter" :)

Happy Tuesday!

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