Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No-Excuse November

Who knew one little 'pin' on pinterest could spark a whole blog post and motivation for something: Here's the pin that sparked it all:

Ever heard of No-Shave November?? This is most typically a guy thing, where males decide to go without shaving for the whole month...so by the time December comes around, they are sporting some mean facial hair. It would just be way too weird if girls decided to join in on this....(sorry if for some strange reason you're a girl who has insisted on not shaving your legs for a WHOLE month, ew!)...so I saw this picture on Pinterest today....it's definitely something a girl can do for a whole month and maybe even start a habit of (guys can join in too of course):

No-Excuse November

I'm deciding to set goals for being healthy and sticking to them for a whole month to prove to myself that taking care of myself is worth it. So here they are:

1. Get up 4 out of 5 school days to go the gym and get my cardio on!
2. Go to the gym Saturday morning, if I have nothing planned
3. Allow myself to take occassional naps, but only if I've worked out that day
4. Eat healthy!

So, I think these are definitely do-able!

Number 1: I've been doing this one pretty consistently since school started and have already started seeing the major benefits to it---> more energy during my day, minus 10 lbs. since school has started, and a ton more self confidence! I just want to stay consistent! So let the determination begin!
Number 2 is my fav. I usually head to the gym on Satuday mornings with my bestie and then start my day of productive homework-doing and errand-running. So, keep this up :)
Number 3 is mainly just a deal I'm making with myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take naps...and who doesn't??? However, I usually feel guilty laying down before bedtime if I know I have a ton of other things I could be doing....like excercising, practicing, studying, singing, etc...but if I have gotten up early to work out, then I've earned a small nap (not longer than an hour!)
Number 4: Oatmeal for breakfast and packin' the lunch everyday :)

So, let No-Excuse November begin....accomplish my goals, and prove to myself that it's worth it!! NO EXCUSES!!


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