Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Purl" of the day

to study or...knit...?
So my week is crazy! I had a project due yesterday, thank goodness that is now one thing checked off my list. Tomorrow I have a test in French Diction and another in my Introduction to Music Education class, and Friday I have a Music Theory Quiz and a Christian Heritage test <------this one's the booger! Naturally I've been preparing for this terrible week for a while now ('cause I like to plan ahead, or at least I like to think I do). ha! Anyways, so this basically means I've been studying during every spare minute of my day that I can seem to find. Being a music major, it's hard to actually find one of those spare minutes :/

So yes, I'm rambling...and mainly because I needed a minor study break, but instead of all this studying I know I have to do...all I want to do is KNIT! Unfortunately, I guess that'll just have to wait until this weekend.


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